Work Hard, Play Hard, & Be Kind ♥
“If everyone was a little bit nicer to people, the world would be much better place.” - Harry Styles

“You have a choice where you can either be all right to someone or you can be a little bit nicer, and that can make someone’s day." - Harry Styles

"It’s a very cool job, but it doesn't make me any better than anybody else. If you’re not very nice to people, word gets around. If you act even slightly diva, people will pick up on it. If I see someone acting like they’re something special it shocks me into not doing it even more. I don’t understand why you cant just be nice to people, whether you’re in the public eye or not.” - Harry Styles

"Not everyone can understand it, but to that girl or that boy, it might be the most important thing in the world. Just 'cause we don't understand it doesn't mean you can say it's crazy." - Harry Styles

"I got told a motto to live by and I've kinda tried it, of 'work hard, play hard, and be nice.' And I think it works." - Harry Styles

♪ Don't let me go, cause I'm tired of sleeping alone...

Little Mix when I gave them my drawings of them :) x

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